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  Snap&fly series
  FIY jet series
  Micro warbird series
Radio system
Servo and actuator
Motor and ESC
Ducted fan and prop
Battery and charger

6-Channel (4-proportional, 2-on/off)
  •    Full proportional
  •    Four proportional trimmer
  •    8 ¨C operating frequencies (allow 8 pilots fly at the same time)
  •    8 ¨C control mixing selections (v-tail mix, delta mix,rudder at left or right)
  •    4XAA battery power, 6V external power supply jack 
  •    Dual on board LiPO (3.7V) chargers(charge two battery at the same time)  
  •    Dimension: 140mmX100mmX40mm
  •    Weight < 300g
  •       Line of Sight control distance: >100m


    switchs (4channels trim,8frequency,8mix,on/off/charge) lights(channel5,6,on/off/charger)

    chargersŁ¨2Lipo at the same time,wonderful magnet connector)

    channel5, 6(on/off for retractable landing gear /flap)

    External power and stimulator jack

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